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Database Management

We can manage databases like club or organization membership fees, meeting attendance, time tracking, recruiting pipelines, sales pipelines, SaaS expenditures, survey responses, month-to-month personal financial transactions, and a lot more.

When your database scales to tens of thousands of records, we are also ready to scale alongside your personal or business needs to ensure your data is easy to fetch and comprehensible for you.

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Outsource your job search

Some say the job hunt is its own full-time job. We keep track of your research notes, todo list, calendar availability, and where you are in other company's pipelines, so you as a candidate know what to prepare in advance for the week. We can also format your resume and write cover letters on your behalf.

Company Research

We take note of what you need to prepare for in an interview. You'll be scheduled for more interviews per day and get accelerated through your job search.

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We coordinate schedules for interviewers with you and confirm when you would be available.

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Recruiter Outreach

Find jobs that aren't posted on LinkedIn. We assist in calling and emailing people who can provide the opportunities that you want.

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Social Media Management

We can help your social media presence by posting in quantity and to help build your inbound leads. Grow your brand, collect feedback, and share your best advice, contextualized for every platform.

Photo & Video Editing

Create micro-content distributed to your social media channels to drive awareness to your long-form content.

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Distribute your content more effectively for your personal brand, your B2C product, or your B2B marketing strategy.

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Email Management

Segment your target audience and send them personalized emails.

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Web Development

We aim to build a suite of software tools that internally assist virtual assistants in completing their tasks, managing personal time and team shifts, employee hiring, and billing our clients. We believe that the best customer support can be empowered with technology by our side.

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Design Sprints

We follow thoughtbot's product design sprint to help our team understand the problems our clients are solving. Throughout the sprint, we validate and invalidate assumptions about the product. At the end of the sprint, our clients have a prototype to conduct user interviews with.

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User Research

We need to truly understand the problem we're solving before moving to build an MVP. We want to de-risk your MVP as much as possible by conducting research and usability tests. These help us prioritize what features to build first.

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Ruby on Rails

Known for bringing products to market very quickly, the Ruby on Rails framework provides teams with a lower total cost of ownership compared to other tools. Build your MVP with a framework that comes together with all the parts you need for full usability.

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