Running a software-based business requires more than beautiful code or a popular product. Managing cash flow and taxes can feel unimportant or difficult, but getting them right is as vital to our success as product design.

Fortunately, many services exist which make things like bookkeeping, receipts, signatures, and invoicing much easier.

Some principles have helped us streamline our operations:

  • Outsource things which are super important but we are not excellent at.
  • Spend time selecting a vendor and occasionally spend time reevaluating other vendors.
  • Automate repetitive tasks.
  • Give everyone "admin" access to as much as possible to avoid bottlenecks.
  • Try to avoid building internal tools. It requires time and money to build and makes us reliant on ourselves when things don't work.
  • Our problems are not unique. We will try manual processes first. When we do build something, it is usually after using other things for years.


We currently track all invoices and receipts into Google Drive.


We use Gmail for our email.


We use Google Calendar for our calendars.


We use Notion for documenting our internal processes.

We also use Google Docs for editable documents like contracts.


When working remotely, Google Hangouts are indispensable as the "next best thing". They are easy to set up, sharable by URL, and let us get a look at whoever we're talking to.

Screen-sharing is also very easy, when necessary. We have used Hangouts for candidate interviews and company meetings.

We provide all full-time VAs assigned to a business client with a US phone line, powered by Dialpad. This gives the VA a dedicated number that the client can call anytime.


Full Suite provides our sole propreitorship in the Philippines with an outsourced bookkeeper, controller, and tax accountant. We interact with them through email.

In the US, we bill our clients using Harvest. Our in-house accountant keeps track of new invoices and new payments. Harvest sends payment received email notifications to both clients and the management team.

Our CPAs are excellent and provide these services for us:

  • Making sure payroll happens regularly and correctly.
  • Gathering our accounts payable and making sure we pay partners promptly.
  • Preparing monthly P&L statements, broken down by services and products.
  • Preparing our taxes.
  • Making sure cash flow and checking account are in order.

Real Estate

We subscribe to coworking plans offered by Spaces for our staff in the Philippines.


We registered our California LLC with Sam Mollaei, Esq.. We also engage Pandev Law for US immigration matters.

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