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Makisu is a remote-first, cloud-based software company that builds applications that augment the working capacity of a virtual assistant.

At Makisu, we want to ensure that our clients are receiving the best service possible. We work hand in hand with our own virtual assistant community to ensure they are ready for any task assigned to them. We provide training grounds to enhance their communication, organizational, data security, and analytical skills as they encounter various tasks and deal with different clients. We believe that our members should always strive to be better and have room for continuous improvement in an environment where they can thrive professionally and personally.

Our team works in a relaxed and convenient environment to encourage their focus on the given task. Most of our assistants work from the comfort of their home or place of choice. We work in shifts during the daytime and nighttime to asynchronously cater to our clients. Our service is based on having trainable assistants that are able to go above and beyond what the client expects.

We uphold the values of fulfillment and self-management where our members truly believe in our work and take the initiative to improve themselves and skillset to better serve our clients. We encourage our members to always be transparent, honest with one another, and respect the confidentiality of their experience with clients. Most of all, we trust our employees that they will keep the integrity and privacy of our clients' personal information.

Our goal is to provide our members with the best possible resources, tools, and environment for self improvement while being able to achieve high customer satisfaction.

Our open positions

Software Engineer Apprentice

Remote, within Philippines

Every engineering apprenticeship at Makisu focuses on a real, business function that either our employees or customers need, that uses technology at the cutting-edge. You will build features that we will ship in production.

Makisu hosts undergraduate and graduate apprentices throughout the year. Every apprentice is assigned a mentor and will work on technical projects using languages like Ruby, Crystal and Javascript. We also love pair-programming, and will guide you on how to collaborate in a remote environment.

An apprenticeship at Makisu consists of 12 or 16 weeks actually working as a respected peer. We give you the opportunity to contribute to our core products, and build initial versions of new ideas that we will integrate as part of our software portfolio.

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User Experience Design Apprentice

Remote, within Philippines

Every design apprenticeship at Makisu focuses on a real, business function that either our employees or customers need. You will design features that our engineers will ship in production.

Makisu hosts undergraduate and graduate apprentices throughout the year. Every apprentice is assigned a mentor and will conduct at least one product design sprint alongside the Lead Product Designer. You'll have the opportunity to research, ideate, and explore new product experiences, to inform key stakeholders about user experiences both internal to our Customer Experience team and external to our customers.

An apprenticeship at Makisu consists of 12 or 16 weeks actually working as a respected peer. We give you the opportunity to contribute to our core products, and build initial versions of new ideas that we will integrate as part of our software portfolio.

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Customer Success Associate (Account Manager)

Remote, within Philippines

The focus of this role is to conduct a successful experience for Makisu clients and contractors for the duration of their engagement across all service lines. Additionally, the Client Success Associate (CSA) serves as a “coach/consultant” to our clients and contractors, ensuring the most productive and satisfying experience for both parties in the relationship by strategically managing a roster and keeping a results-focused mindset. Our Client Success Associates model our expertise and gratitude by serving as a trusted advisor and strategic partner. They demonstrate responsiveness & professionalism, own the details, are organizationally and technologically savvy, and conduct relational & efficiency coaching at all times.

The CSA will serve as a member of the Customer Experience Team, including monthly calls and meetings, and serve as an example of the company’s mission: to multiply the number of hours our customers have in a day, through asynchronous work. Relational, humble, and intuitive people, with virtual experience and client understanding, will thrive in this role.

Represent Makisu in a positive and professional manner

  • Exemplify our Core Values and Mission Statement to live out Makisu’s culture each day.
  • Be a good steward of our Vision: “to liberate people from doing work in a single location, by leveraging both human expertise and technology”.
  • Collaborate with and help teammates while maintaining a positive and professional attitude; fostering teamwork.

Client Satisfaction and Account Ownership - All Service Lines

  • Cast vision for what the Client/Contractor partnership could be long term (assessing the current scope and future opportunities for growth).
  • Growth mindset. Invest time, trust, and care in order to strategically enhance and grow the client's business.
  • Consulting for best practices, efficiency, and strategy recommendations.
  • Collaborate with all necessary individuals regarding contract changes.
  • Manage crisis situations and escalate when appropriate.

Operational Responsibilities

  • Facilitate, administrate, and implement your assigned client/contractor relationships successfully.
  • Collaborate cross-functionally to ensure clients and contractors have a positive experience using Makisu products & services.
  • Create and foster self-managing engagements through resources and coaching.
  • Provide insight and recommendations to strategically enhance engagement satisfaction.
  • Conduct quarterly account reviews with the Client Relations Manager to proactively identify sales opportunities and areas of improvement and growth.

Organization & Follow Through

  • Proficient in using a cloud-based CRM and update daily activity, reporting, and status.
  • Set schedules and manage time effectively and efficiently.
  • Be tech-savvy and proficient in the tools necessary to integrate into Makisu's remote workplace culture.

Criteria Includes:

  • A Bachelor's degree is preferred
  • Must be a driven self-starter, positive thinker, loyal, and trustworthy
  • Attributes of flexibility, creativity, self-discipline, strong organizational skills and action-oriented are essential for this role, as the position offers a significant amount of responsibility with accountability for results
  • Command presence with strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Team player who is willing and able to "roll-up the shirt sleeves" to get a project done when needed
  • High degree of autonomy with the capability of working remotely
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Marketing Director

Remote, within Philippines

This is a fantastic opportunity to coach, develop, and up-level our marketing team to make our mark in the virtual assistance & tech industries across all areas of marketing. We’re looking for someone who can motivate and lead the team to execute strategic and creative marketing tactics, measure results and iterate quickly, deliver a huge impact on the business and the market, and raise the bar on how a high-performing team operates.


  • Meet with key stakeholders from Product and Customer Experience to get a better understanding of our industry, competitors, business, OKRs, and differentiators, and where Marketing fits in, with a particular focus on our mid-market segments, so that you can design marketing strategies that align with top business priorities and market opportunities.
  • Meet with Product, Customer Experience, and Engineering to learn more about our product and product roadmap to gain a better understanding of where we stand out and what’s ahead of us, so that you can identify the best ways for us to differentiate ourselves in the market.
  • Conduct 1:1s with your team to learn more about each person’s strengths and interests and learn more about what’s worked and didn’t work (and why) in the past with our Marketing efforts, so that you can map out marketing strategies and leverage your team in ways that are most likely to succeed.
  • Complete interviews with at least 5 customers to learn more about their experience with Makisu, build rapport, and collect content for materials that customer-facing teams can use to drive revenue.
  • Partner with the CEO and other organizational leaders to create v1 of a strategy and plan for growing organic lead flow, taking into account the nuances of the current economy and what you’ve learned about our business, product, opportunities, and market. Your plan should include specific tactics for making sure Makisu stands out among our competitors in front of customers and potential buyers. You should also include concrete ways to track and measure success in each phase of your plan.


  • Socialize your strategy and plan with cross-functional stakeholders and incorporate input.
  • Begin executing phase 1 of your plan with your team. Measure results on a daily/weekly basis; share out results with the executive team, your key stakeholders, and the broader company; and iterate.
  • Lead your team in revamping our website and blog to include more content that’s relevant to our user base, with the goal of driving more traffic, engagement, and leads.
  • Pilot new marketing channels based on data and intel. Measure, share, and act on results.
  • Evangelize Makisu through speaking engagements, webinars, and analyst briefings.
  • Produce a method and cadence for regularly reporting out on key metrics to the executive team and the company.


  • Scale organic lead flow massively through implementing, tracking, and adjusting your strategy and plan.
  • Based on results from your pilots, double down on channels that have performed well and scale back the rest.
  • Be the foremost authority on our customers and contribute to strategic product direction decisions at the executive level.
  • Be the foremost authority on the talent market, including Makisu’s competitors, and build a marketing strategy for the next year.
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